The Hollow Collection

A Home You Love to Live In

Nothing makes a house feel more like home than decorating with pieces that truly reflect your personality and remind you of meaningful moments.

I like to be intentional about what I put in a space, with emphasis on warmth, timelessness, simplicity and character. The pieces that I create at Hollow Furniture are designed and hand-made with an emphasis on each of these principles. The tones and details of the reclaimed timber, bring warmth and character to a space, while the simplicity of each furniture design creates a timeless look that can be styled to reflect any personality.

I love how aged barn wood, reclaimed pallets and salvaged building materials can be given a new life and be transformed into beautifully rustic pieces and build a sense of home.

ON THE BLOG: A Home You Love to Live In

 Hollow Furniture

 Hollow Furniture

Styling By Hollow

The Hollow style is an eclectic mix of timeless simplicity, with hints of Coastal, Bohemian, Industrial and Farmhouse trends. This design style has been developed with the use of reclaimed, rustic timber that is full of texture and character. I love to make old things new, and create unique, original designs from materials that are full of creative potential.

The Hollow style starts from the design of a unique piece of furniture, then continues through the way that piece is incorporated into a space. Styling and decorating rooms and spaces is my favourite part of the work I do. I love transforming rooms with a fresh design and a functional layout. I then love to finish a space with timeless decor that offers a glimpse into the lives and personalities of those who call the space home.

The pieces in my collection are thoughtfully designed to create a homely look and feel; because a home should always have a restful, inviting feel that reflects you and what you love.