There is no question about it, I'm a homebody. My home is a place where I feel calm, safe and inspired, where everyone and everything in the space is meaningful to me.
We have carefully designed our home with intention and meaning because a home should always be a restful, inviting place that reflects you and what you love.
Behind every object in our home there is a story, an experience, or a memory that is important to us and holds value. It is important to me that the space I call home is not just filled with "things" - I truly think that an organised, intentionally presented home is an important part of creating a home you love.
Magazines, Instagram and Pinterest are full of stunning and inspiring design, that spark a longing to live in a similarly beautiful space. It truly is possible to transform your space into one that you can't wait to come home to every day! Here are my top tips to help get you started in creating a beautiful, functional space that you love to like in

Tip #1: Less is More - Time to Declutter

Decluttering will help make your home feel more comfortable and functional. Sometimes too much "stuff" in the space around you can be the reason for a space feeling unsettled, overwhelming and stressful.

Take your time with this and work through each room, cupboard or space in your home and sort out things you want to/need to keep. The most important thing to do is remove everything that you don't use, don't need, or don't want.

If organising really isn't your thing, ask a friend or family member to help you. Don't take on too many jobs at once, you will only become overwhelmed. Work through one small space at a time, start with one shelf or drawer, empty it out and make a "Keep" pile and a "Don't Keep" pile. Then move on to tackling larger jobs like a wardrobe or garage once you've got the hang of it.

Not sure how to get rid of the things you're not keeping? most of the time, you can recycle, sell, donate or gift unwanted items for little to no cost.

 Hollow Furniture
 Hollow Furniture

Tip #2: Decorate with Meaning


When decorating your home, aim to use a few of your favourite things; pieces that hold really great memories and sentimental value.

It's always nice to display special pieces on a shelf or mantel where they will be seen on a regular basis and will remind you of experiences and moments that truly mean something to you. Don't hide meaningful pieces in a cupboard where you never see them, bring them out and enjoy them!

Don't feel like you have to have everything on display though, there is something really nice about having a few items that can be switched out when you need a change. I love to have a few ornaments or pieces of wall art that I swap between rooms when I feel like a change, this helps a space to feel refreshed on a regular basis.

Tip #3: Style Simplicity


Your home should be a place where you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. The colours used to style a space can have a huge effect on how an environment feels. Neutral colours and tones are perfect for making a space feel calm, inviting and cosy. For more permanent fixtures like walls, carpet, tiles and curtains, I always (and I mean always!) opt for a neutral pallet. I tend to avoid trending colours or vibrant feature walls, my preference is a timeless palette that will compliment any interior design style.

For higher ticket items like sofas, furniture (coffee tables, dining tables, shelving units), rugs and armchairs, always select pieces with neutral colours. Greys, whites, warm wood tones, and natural textures are the best option for these items as they also compliment most interior design styles.

If you have a favourite colour scheme that you want to incorporate into your space, the best way to do this, is with more affordable items like textiles, wall decor and accessories. Throws, cushions, artwork, candles, lampshades, vases of flowers and houseplants (faux or real) are the very best things for injecting colour into a space. 

Lighting is also fundamental in creating a cosy and welcoming space. Avoid cold, white lights wherever possible (with the exception of string lights) - while task lighting has its place, it is simply too harsh for most living spaces. Instead, opt for softer, warm-tone lights that make a space feel more homely.

 Hollow Furniture

Creating a space where you love to be is lots of fun and is very rewarding. We have all seen pictures of gorgeous interiors that make us think "I'd love for my home to look like that!", and with a little bit of work, it can be achieved. Remember that when decorating a space; less is more, keep styling simple, and always decorate with meaning; these simple tips will help you to achieve the look you're after in any space you want to re-decorate.

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