The Hollow Style

The Hollow style is an eclectic mix of timeless simplicity, with subtle hints of Coastal, Bohemian, Industrial and Farmhouse trends. This design style has developed around the use of recycled, reclaimed, rustic timber that is full of texture and character. I love to make old things new, and create unique, original designs from materials that are full of creative potential.

The Hollow Furniture style doesn't end at the completion of a design, it carries on through the way that piece is incorporated into a space. Styling and decorating rooms and spaces is my favourite part of the work I do. I love transforming rooms with a fresh design, a functional layout, and timeless decor, offering a glimpse into the lives and personalities of those who inhabit a space. The pieces in my collection are thoughtfully designed to help with creating a more homely space; because I believe that a home should always have a restful, inviting feel that reflects you and what you love.

Styling by Hollow

The Hollow Story

 Hollow Furniture

I've always been creative - as a little girl I would draw, sew and make all kinds of crafts out of what ever resources I could find. Growing up, I worked hard at every creative opportunity at school, whether it was painting, woodwork, sewing clothing, photography and the list goes on. After completing my degree in Graphic Design, I worked as an in-house designer creating branding and promotional pieces for all kinds of businesses, I then ventured into freelance graphic design working from home. During quite days while freelancing, I was always drawn to dabble in interior design. I loved browsing magazines and Pinterest finding ideas, then working on little projects that sparked inspiration. 

In 2014 my husband John and I bought our first home and I was super excited to add our own style to the house. With very little furniture and almost no decor, I made the most of the opportunity to transform our space. During my free time I began designing and making pieces of furniture and decor, trying out different style trends while practicing my styling skills. I up-cycled cabinets & vintage finds, re-purposed unexpected objects and built cape-cod inspired chairs using recycled pallets. When a friend commissioned one of my cape cod inspired chairs, I quickly found myself in business. I listed, and quickly sold a few one-off designs online, and began sharing images of my cape cod chairs as a made-to-order item. The bespoke design was popular and the orders started flooding in, this was the beginning of Hollow Furniture.

Fast forward a few years and, with the help and support of my family, I've built Hollow into a unique, home-run business. I'm so pleased to welcome you to Hollow Furniture! Please feel free to email me if you'd like to chat about any of my products or services:

Thank you for taking the time to visit Hollow Furniture, I'm so blessed that you're here and I hope that you find designs and inspiration within my collection that will help you to create a home or space that you love.