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The Hollow Furniture style is an eclectic mix of timeless simplicity, with subtle nods towards Coastal, Bohemian, Industrial and Farmhouse trends. This design style has been developed around the use of recycled, reclaimed, rustic timber that is full of texture and character. I love to make old things new, and create unique, original designs from materials that are full of creative potential.

The Hollow Furniture style doesn't end at the completion of a design, it carries on through the way that piece is incorporated into a space. Styling and decorating rooms and spaces is my favourite part of the work I do. I love transforming rooms with a fresh design, a functional layout, and timeless decor, offering a glimpse into the lives and personalities of those who inhabit a space.

The pieces in my collection are thoughtfully designed to help with creating a more homely space; because I believe that a home should always have a restful, inviting feel that reflects you and what you love.

 Hollow Furniture

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