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Terms & Conditions

Furniture and Decor Products

Pickup Location: About 20 minutes from Rangiora, North Canterbury Delivery: Local delivery is available depending on your location.

Shipping: We do not offer shipping. You are welcome to book your own shipping/courier services, however Hollow Furniture is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs during collection or while in transit.

Order Confirmation: Once full payment has been received along with all required information (dimensions, finish, special requests etc.)

Order Completion: The customer will be emailed photos and final dimensions once their order is finished. From this date, the order must be collected within 10 days unless other arrangements have previously been made.

Products: Hollow Furniture products are unique, hand-made, rustic and vary in appearance. The photos in Hollow Furniture's portfolio show examples of how each custom-made item may look; please note that the product photos do not necessarily represent the dimensions/size range listed. It is the customers responsibility to check that the measurements they order are correct for their space/intended use.

Materials: Hollow Furniture products are made using various salvaged, recycled, lightly-sanded​, non-dressed timbers with rustic characteristics (i.e. variations in texture, colour, timber grain, density, look and feel) - these and other imperfections including unbalanced items, are the intended style and nature of our products and are not considered to be defects. Finishes may vary in appearance. Dimensions may vary. The customer must provide Hollow Furniture with all relevant information regarding measurements and allowances. Shelter​ is required if a product is used outdoors. Products are branded with the Hollow Furniture logo.

Disclaimer: Hollow Furniture reserves the right to sell any product that is not collected within 30 days of order completion, no refund will be given to the customer. Hollow Furniture reserves the right to edit these terms and conditions, pricing is subject to change, quotes given are valid for 72 hours. Payments are non-refundable. Once payment has been made, this is considered acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Dried Floral Products

Hollow and Bloom products are dried floral designs that are carefully handmade using dried flowers and foliage. While the flowers will age gracefully, they will look beautiful in their forever homes for a very long time. Place your dried floral design out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. Dried floral designs are very delicate and must be handled carefully. All dried floral products are unique, hand-made and vary in appearance.